• Many parents have asked about the apps we use in school.  These are a few of our favorites!
    I often refer to Common Sense Media for reviews.
    Reading & Writing Apps
    News-o-matic - daily newspaper for kids 
    Storia (Scholastic e-books)
    Cursive Practice
    Using I and Me
    *Toontastic (story elements)
    Same Meaning Magic  (synonyms)
    Opposite Ocean (antonyms)
    Same Sound Spell Bound (homophones)
    Inspiration (graphic organizers)
    Spelling Apps
    Spelling Star
    *Spelling City 
     Pop Words!
    Math Apps
    *Quick Math
    *Quick Math+ 
    *Splash Math - Grade 4
    Motion Math: Hungry Fish
    Marble Math
    **Math Bingo
    Pizza 1 (fractions)
    *Count Money free 
    + Bubbles x
    Fraction Basic
    Flash to Pass (flash cards)
    Sushi Monster
    Social Studies Apps
    *Stack the States
    Kids Discover: Constitution 
    Civil War Today
    The US Constitution
    Pocket Law Firm
    Science Apps
    *Bill Nye 
    Piig Labs (electricity) 
    Brain POP
    The Night Sky
    Peterson Feeder Birds of North America 
    Bobo & Light
    Problem Solving/Enrichment
    *Set (just like the card game)
    *Analogies 4 Kids
    *A Year of Riddles (Warning!  This app is challenging!)
    Just For Fun :)
    *Skip-Bo (just like the card game) 
    *Flow Free
    *Line Rider HD 
    *Heads Up! 
    What word? 
    Chess Free
    Bubble Snap
    High Diving 
    Weird But True!  National Geographic
    Sky Burger
    Cut the Rope
    Temple Run
    Ticket to Ride
    * Mrs. Keating's personal favorites!
    Does your family have a favorite app?  Please tell me about it!