6th Grade PacingGuide

    A.          Children (2weeks) 


    1.            Various stages ofchild development

    2.            Identify ways of keeping children safe

    3.           Explain the roleof the caregiver

    4.           Review books forvarious ages

    5.           Discussstorytelling

    6.            Investigate community resources for families



    B.           Resources (1week)

    1.            Define ournatural resources and the         importance of conserving

    2.           Examineresponsibilities related to family finances

    3.           Discuss childlabor info

    4.           Explore communityresources for financial help


    C.           Skills in theKitchen & Nutrition (4 weeks)

    1.            Practicesafe-food handling techniques

    2.           Discuss factorsthat affect food choices

    3.           Discuss dietaryguidelines and my plate

    4.           Develop a basicknowledge of kitchen utensils and working in a kitchen

    5.           Prepare a varietyof foods(veggie lab, broiled toast/smoothie, fried apples, Chicken/cheeseQuesadillas,  road-runner pizza, andpeach crumble

    6.           Practiceeffective “family organization” and leadership responsibilities.

    7.           Recognize theimportance of time management skills


    D.          “Me” Banners (2weeks)

    1.            Create anindividual project using hand sewing skills

    2.           Examine simpledecision-making process used while creating the banner