7th grade PacingGuide


    A.         Clothing Care (2weeks)

    1.           Investigate infoabout care labels

    2.         Introduced tolaundry essential

    3.         Complete a homeassignment


    B.         Resources (2weeks)

    1.           Discussresponsibilities of being a consumer

    2.         Find care andsafety info contained on an instruction manuals

    3.         Create a consumerletter(suggestion, complimentary, or compliant)


    C.         FabricConstruction (4 weeks)

    1.           Learns to use asewing machine to create a drawstring bag or tote bag

    2.         Promotesindividual support of group members

    3.         Creates apositive class attitude



    D.         Children (1 week)

    1.           Evaluate healthand safety hazards at each stage of development

    2.          Analyze child development in relation to thechild theorists. 

    3.         Discuss literacydevelopment in children