8th gradePacing Guide


    Course outline:


    A.         Family Dynamics(3weeks)

    1.           Family Functions

    2.          Family Structures

    3.          FamilyResponsibilities

    4.          Communityresources for the family


    B.          Food Preparation (entiremarking period)

    1.           Students preparebreadsticks, omelets, vegetable stir-fry, pasta dinner, oatmeal cookies (to bedonated to the homeless shelter) and sticky buns (special treat).

    2.          Emphasis isplaced on cooperating, completing individual tasks, and following directions

    C.          Nutrition (2weeks)

    1.           Examine MyPlate  

    2.          Examine functionsof nutrients

    3.          Examine healthrisks associated with lack of certain nutrients

    4.          Dangers of faddiets

    5.          Symptoms ofeating disorders and how to help


    D.         Time Management(1 week)

    1.           Analyze personaldaily routines

    2.          Ways to save timeand improve routine

    3.          Time managementin kitchen


    E.          Importance ofRecycling (1 to 2 periods)