• 8th Grade Health

    Article Summary Assignment


    Find a magazine article or newspaper article dealing with any children’s health issue.  Internet articles are acceptable.  However, general web page information is not acceptable.  You will need to give a 2 minute summary of the article to the class.  In addition, you will submit a paper with a typed, brief (3 paragraphs)summary of the article’s content and your evaluation of the quality and relevance of the health information.  You must include a copy of the article with your written summary.

    You will be required to complete one article summary per marking period.  Make sure the article is done before the end of each marking period.

    Each article summary will be worth 30 points.

    Points awarded for

    ·       Demonstrating a clear understanding of the article

    ·       Clearly using facts, main ideas, significant details and examples from the article

    ·       Evaluation of the quality and relevance of the article        

    ·       Utilizing your writing and reading comprehension skills

    ·       Presenting the article to the class

    ·       Fulfilling the requirements listed above the article to the class