• happy birthday                       
    Birthdays are ALWAYS special and NEED to be celebrated!  Per district policy we are not able to have edible items in the classroom.   In-lieu of this, I invite parent/s of our birthday friend to come into the classroom to read a favorite book from home to the class.  The day of your child's birthday, (or a day we agree upon if they have a weekend, holiday or summer birthday), we set up a time when the visitor will come in, read and join us in our birthday celebration. (Or hoopla as I like to call it!!!)
     If you are not able to make it in I encourage you to invite a special person in your child's life to take your place.  We've even had many grandparents come in along with the parents!  What a treat!
    Please reach out and let me know if you are able to read and we'll get it set up!