Intro to German and German 1

    The study of foreign languages develops knowledge, proficencies, and attitudes that cannot be acquired through the study of other subjects, and is essential to understanding the political motivations, social institutions,literature, and culture of other nations. Thus, a better perspective of one's own culture is gained through the concept of cultural similarities and differences. This study of other cultures helps to build a bridge of understanding and cooperation founded on the basic truth that "All men are created equal".

    The primary function of language learning is to communicate, first through listening and speaking, and then through reading and writing. An important objective of language instruction is to develop in students an understanding of foreign people, of their country and of their culture

    The Intro to German Course will provide the student with an introduction to the essential elements of the German language & Culture. The German 1 Course will enhance the Intro Course. It is not necessary to have taken the Intro Course in order to take German 1.  A reintroduction of Grammar and Vocabulary is necessary during the first several weeks of the year. We will focus on the five C’s of language learning-communication, culture, community, comparison and connections. The vocabulary we learn will be based on everyday situations which are relevant to the lives of teenagers

    The student will be challenged to apply what they learn by writing and acting out skits and other presentations in the target language. Mastery of these courses will prepare the student well for High School German.

    I believe that the recognition that students receive often plays a major role in enhancing their achievement. Across the top of my black board I have words like, "ganz toll", "prima","sehr gut" "ausgezeichnet".(all positive words saying great job) I accentuate the positive. What might seem as a small step for some may be a large step for the one taking it. I look at my student's hearts and recognize their attitudes and effort. I believe that if they work hard and do their best they will succeed if mentored properly. I do what I can to instill selfconfidence and help them to realize that hard work does merit rewards.

    Most of all, learning should be fun. I look forward to a fun and productive year