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    What a cool way to practice your German and help others at the same time. For each answer you get correct this program will donate ten grains of rice through the world Food Program to end hunger. Try it to check out other subjects you're studying


    Wir sind verfahren
    Hast du deinen Fuhrerschein im Lotto gewonnen?

    ( we're lost)            ( Did you win your
                                    licence in the lottery)

    Want to draw and illustrate your own comics? click on the link below and have fun. You are limited by your good taste and your imagination.




    Test your German skillwith some games.They cover a variety of topics from vocabulary and grammar tocultural items.

    Deutsch Ins Netz (German on the Web)


    Animated German grammar tutorials in PowerPointpresentations and other formats.http://webgerman.com/Animated/

    Lernspiele für Deutsch
    Who says learning German can't be all fun and games?

    Recent research has even shown that concentrating on other activities like a game while practicing a foreign language actually helps you to memorize new words.
    Lehrer Deutsch


    This site by Oracle provides a comprehensive review of German language and culture.



    Here you can learn German online with our effective Flashcard System. With only 5-10 minutes a day you will be able to improve your German in a short time.

    Toms Deutschseite

    Tom's German page has a great selection of tutorials and practices for all sorts of grammar and vocabulary that you may need practice on.

    Verb conjugation
     German Language Resourses 
    Here is a variety of resources that can help you with vocabulary and grammar. The site has a variety of documents,powerpoints and videos
    that can help you smooth out any rough areas
     Materials on this site are at present are aimed at learners with beginner to lower-intermediate levels of German language. There are some vocabulary building games for intermediate to advanced learners on advanced learners page