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    This is a tremendous link found at the Mass.Institute of Technology's library You choose the country….they have a paper. Hier klicken to reference journals 


    German Television and Radio

    Deutsche Welle

    Deutsche Welle; "German Wave" in German) or DW is Germany's international broadcaster. The service is aimed towards audiences outside of Germany and is available via television, radio and the Internet. DW Radio broadcasts news and information in thirty languages and the satellite television service consists of channels in English, German, Spanish and Arabic.

    DW also offers regularly updated articles on its online news website and runs its own center for international media development, DW Akademie. The broadcaster's stated goals are to convey Germany as a "liberal, democratic state based on the rule of law", to produce reliable news coverage and to provide access to the German language.

    Deutsche Welle has been broadcasting since 1953. It is headquartered in Bonn, where its radio programmes are produced. Television broadcasts are produced almost entirely in Berlin. The responsibility for DW's news website is shared between the two locations.

    Deutsche Welle Website

    Watching German television online 

    I definitely recommend to immerse yourself fully with anything German (listening to online radio shows, checking out German language YouTube clips, reading German language newspapers and magazines) so watching German TV would be a huge benefit for any student regardless of their skill level.

    In actual fact, even if you are a complete beginner it would be helpful regardless of whether or not you understand the entire program: There will always be certain words and phrases that are being repeated and that will stick in your memory.

    The ZDF is the most easily accessible one. Just click on this link and all the programs are showing up for the previous week. Some (all?) of their programs also have German subtitles (“Untertitel”) available. Just click on the link underneath the screen that show an ear with hearing aid. This really beneficial if your German is not yet up to scratch to catch it all without this aid.

    The ARD as well as all the regional channels associated with it also have their own player. Once you access this website you will see a heading that says “Sendung verpasst?”. Click on this and it gives you the option to sort the shows by “Sendedatum” (date) and by name (“Sendungen A-Z”). Once you choose which show you want to watch you then also have to click the camera icon. It takes a bit getting used to but once done, you should be flying.

     European radio stations streaming live on the internet. Plenty to choose from. You can find regular and soft rock, classic rock, top 40, oldies, jazz, classical ....you name it 



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