• Grade Categories


    8th Grade Social Studies will have two grading categories in our weighted grade book.

    The 1st category is the Summative Category which will be worth 60% of the total grade. The summative category will include but is not limited to the following items:

    1.      Summative Assessments (e.g. Lewis and ClarkRadio Activity)

    2.      Tests

    3.      Quizzes

    The 2nd Category is the Formative Category which will be worth 40% of the total grade. The formative category will include but is not limited to the following items:

    1.      Map Activities

    2.      Worksheets

    3.      Homework Activities

    4.      Review Activities

    5.      Poster Activities

    6.      Oral Presentations

    7.      Research Papers

    8.      Writing Activities


    8thGrade Social Studies Grading Policy


    8th Grade Social Studies will adhere to the following grading policies throughout the school year in addition to the established school policies as defined in the student hand book.

    Classwork and Homework

    Graded activities will be assigned periodically and it is the expectation of the instructors that all assigned work be completed and handed in on the assigned due date.

    Late Work

    A student who does not hand in their work on the date that is assigned will receive a 1 for that assignment.  The student will then have one calendar week to hand in that assignment for grading or the assignment will remain as a 1 and will not be further collected.

    Tests and Quizzes
    Tests and Quizzes will be assigned from periodically and the test and quiz dates will be posted on the instructor’s website.  It is the expectation that students arrived on test and quiz day prepared and ready to take the quiz. There are no re-tests offered in 8th grade Social Studies. 
    Late Policy
    Students are expected to arrive to class on time.  Three lates to class during a marking period results in a detention.