• David Cliffel
    Envirothon is one of the most interesting activities your child can get involved in if they are the kind of student who is constantly outside exploring nature.  Classes meet after school from January to early May.  During these class periods, students learn about the flora and fauna native to Pennsylvania.  We learn about mammals, mammal tracks and scat, birds, bird calls, and field identification.  Students will learn about fish, frogs and frog vocalization, snakes, aquatic insects and their life cycles.  We study trees, shrubs and some flowers.  Kids learn about outdoor safety and how to dress for all 4 seasons. 
    At times, students will look at live and preserved specimens, tree clippings and will view some amazing photos of our study list animals in power point (hurray for google images).
    Sign up info usually goes out at the beginning of January and class space is limited
    Because of the participation guidelines set by Chester County, not all students who attend the  Envirothon meetings will partcipate in the Envirothon competition.