• Resources ~ 8th Grade Science
    MOODLE: All documents, presentations, and links can be found on Moodle. Everything you need is accessible through Moodle!
     One Drive/365: Allows all students to save documents online in a virtual notebook. It will also allow students to access an online version of the Microsoft suite of programs even if they do not have the programs on their device.  NO downloads are needed.  VMware is not necessary for 8th grade science.
    Please feel free to check out our Moodle site with your son or daughter. Moodle is an extension of the classroom with resources including class presentations, web links, handouts, learning activities such as labs, review activities, games and links to the online Earth Science textbook. The online textbook has many interactive activities as well including: virtual labs, strategic reading guides, review activities, quizzes, and more.

    Below are some key links for you: