• Vogtreading
    Name: Chris Vogt
    Phone: (610) 935-1555
    Ext: 10405
    Thank you for checking out my "teacher bio" page! I came to Charlestown Elementary in the spring of 2002 as a student-teacher in a Grade 1 class. During this time I took over the extra-duty-responsibility of Video Producer. I was fortunate enough to obtain a full-time teaching position in Grade 2 right after graduation. After two years in Grade 2, I moved up to Grade 4 for a single year. Then, it was back to Grade 2 for four more years. I moved to Grade 3 in 2009 so this begins my fourteenth year in Grade 3 (21st year overall)!
    This movement has allowed me to see where the children have come from, but also what the expectations ahead will be. I consider myself lucky to have this enhanced insight and look forward to the challenges ahead!