Reader's Workshop
       During Reader's Workshop, students will participate in guided mini-lessons where they will learn and practice a variety of reading skills. After the group lesson, the children will apply the skills they have learned in a book that is at their reading level. During this independent practice time, Miss Aument conferences with individual students about their reading or meets with small groups to focus on a specific skill. The students are either reading, responding or conferring during workshop time. Research shows that in order to improve reading skills, as well as develop a love for reading, children need to READ! The students will have reading time every day in school.  Please help your child find a consistent reading spot to read in every night.  Your child should record their reading and obtain a parent signature daily.


    Reader's Workshop Units:
    Building a Reading Life  
    Following Characters into Meaning
    Reading Nonfiction Texts
    Tests as a Genre
    Reading Poetry
    Mystery Book Clubs