The Importance of Family and Consumer Sciences
    in the Great Valley School District

    Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) empower Great Valley High School students to achieve success in the future. We believe that the foundation of our society is responsible adults who find joy in their life, successfully support themselves financially, are able to problem solve and communicate well, and are successful community members who have stable, loving families and relationships.

    In accordance with 22 PA Code, Chapter 4, State Board of Education, Family and Consumer Sciences is to be taught at the high school level.

    Family and Consumer Sciences is a relevant academic program offering courses which support Keystone and SAT testing through critical reading and writing skills; the program reinforces rigorous academic studies, integrates math, science, and metacognitive skills, and allows students to capitalize on their natural abilities to learn the most effective strategies for success by hands-on experiences.
     Students at GVHS do not need to attend a vocational school to major in Child Development, Culinary Arts & Restaurant Management, and the World of Fashion saving the school district $19,410 per student/year.
    Family & Consumer Sciences courses allow students to plan for possible careers, develop practical skills for employment, understand the importance of nutrition, and learn about appropriate childcare practices, financial literacy, resource management, parenting, and the art of positive communication. 
    These classes allow our students to develop teamwork, leadership, and technology skills that enable them to become high-level critical thinkers in order to meet personal, family, career, and community challenges they will face in their adult life.
    Family and Consumer Sciences teachers are committed to providing our students opportunities for community outreach and business partnerships. 
    Family and Consumer Sciences students team with professional colleagues for student success in college and the work place.
    The Family and Consumer Sciences department has produced 137 teachers (four are currently teaching in the GVSD), fashion designers, a shoe designer for Anthropologie, tailors, a fashion reporter (currently working in Bangkok), a window designer for Nordstrom’s, dieticians (one at Paoli Hospital), two executive chefs, a pastry chef, a restaurant owner, two cooks currently working at Wegman’s, speech therapists (two at Chester County IU), a psychologist, one physical therapist, nurses (two at Children’s Hospital), counselors, a nurse practitioner, child care providers, and wonderful, caring parents.


    Family and Consumer Sciences courses offer Great Valley High School students valuable learning experiences and career opportunities. When our students strive for excellence, we can confidently entrust the future to them. Family and Consumer Sciences courses may be among the best investments GVSD is making.

    Submitted by Linda Barnes