Child Development I

    Grade(s): 9-11     Credit(s): 1    Period(s): 6     Term: Year

    Child Development offers an exciting year of learning about the development of children. Students will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge through interaction with 3 & 4 year-old children in our on-site preschool laboratory. 


    Child Development II

    Grade(s): 10-12     Credit(s): 1     Period(s): 6     Term: Year

    Come enter the world of children through storytelling, puppetry, circle time, imaginative play, music and movement. Students will apply the knowledge and skills obtained in Child Development I and begin to plan and carry out activities with 3 to 5 year-old children in our preschool program.


    Child Development III

    Grade(s): 11-12    Credit(s): 1     Period(s): 6    Term: Year

    If you are thinking of a career in teaching, working with young children, nursing, psychology, counseling, special education, physical therapy, or parenting some day, this course is for you! Emphasis is placed on the advanced student, giving them opportunities to teach and run the Great Valley Preschool Program by using effective communication and positive guidance while developing a relationship with each preschool child.


    Child Development IV

    Grade: 12    Credit(s): 1    Period(s): 6     Term: Year    

    This advanced Child Development Course is designed for seniors. Students will learn important factors in giving preschoolers the best start in kindergarten. They will create lesson plans and teach in the Great Valley Preschool Program five times a week. The emphasis is on preschool math, art, science, language arts, safety, and building a child’s self-esteem.


    Career Internship – Child Development V

    Grade: 12    Credit(s): 1    Period(s): 6    Term:  Year

    Students interested in teaching or careers in early childhood will benefit from this course. Students will work closely with child development specialist from local daycare programs and Great Valley elementary & middle school teachers. Students will be asked to participate in program planning, observations of preschool and elementary children, and planning and teaching lessons, creating bulletin boards, grading papers and tutoring one on one. Students must drive to their partnership individually.


    Culinary Arts & Nutrition

    Foods I

    Grade(s): 9-12    Credit(s): .25    Period(s) 3    Term: 1sem. (F or S)

    Experience the excitement of preparing food. In this course, students will be introduced to the connections between nutrition and wellness. They will be involved in food laboratory experiences based on the nutritional guidelines of “My Plate.” 

    Foods II

    Grade(s): 9-12   Credit(s): .25    Period(s): 3    Term: 1sem. (F or S)

     This year in Foods II we will be exploring the different regions of the United States and the foods that were founded in these regions. We will then explore the different international cuisines found in countries throughout the world. Students are encouraged to develop more complex culinary skills, experience different types of recipes and different types of ingredients, and introduce their taste buds to new types of foods and tastes. This is an exciting course that introduces students to new experiences as well as new cultures throughout the world.


    Gourmet Cooking I

    Grade(s): 11-12    Period(s): 3    Credit(s): .25    Term: 1 sem. (F)

    This course will focus on the art of gourmet cooking and entertainment. Students will plan and prepare attractive and flavorful meals using advanced culinary techniques and equipment. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of etiquette in the home and for business. Special topics will include formal and informal entertaining, table setting, garnishes, and finishing touches.


    Gourmet Cooking II

    Grade(s): 11-12    Period(s): 3    Credit(s): .25    Term: 1 sem. (S)

    This course will focus on the art of gourmet cooking and entertaining with a creative flair. Students will incorporate the 3 P’s (planning, preparation and presentation) of gourmet cooking.