• The Crucible Webquest


    Directions:  Using this page, take notes on separate sheet of paper.  YOU MAY NOT TYPE THESE ANSWERS!! 

    The Witch Trialshttp://www.law.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/salem/SALEM.HTM

    1.      When and where did they occur?

    2.      How many were killed?  How?  Where?

    3.      What were some of the causes of the tragic events?  (Don’t just give the top 3…scan through and read!!

    4.      Who are some of the people involved or responsible for the hysteria? (list and describe at least 3)

    5.      Click on the link to “You’re Accused!” on the left.  What are some of your options if you are accused of being a witch?  (Go through this.  It’s incredibly interesting and frustrating.)


    Terms:  Define the following terms using American Heritage Dictionary

    ·        Theocracy

    ·        Hysteria



    Explain the following basic beliefs of Puritanism: (TULIP + 3 others)

    ·        Tulip Depravity:

    ·        Unconditional Election:

    ·        Limited Atonement:

    ·        Irresistible Grace

    ·        Perseverance of the Saints:

    ·        Typology:

    ·        Backsliding:

    ·        Manifest Destiny

    ·        What are at least 3 forces  that undermine Puritanism?


    McCarthyismwww.wikipedia.org              search:  McCarthyism

    1.      Who was Joseph McCarthy

    2.      What was the “Second Red Scare” and when did it occur?

    3.      What is the McCarran Internal Security Act of 1950?

    4.      Who are the Rosenbergs and for what are they famous?

    5.      What does “McCarthyism as a generic concept” mean?

    o   (see http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=McCarthyism)


    Arthur Millerhttp://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/USAmillerA.htm

    1.      Where and when was he born?  What profession was his father?  Where did he attend college?

    2.      What are the names and themes of his first two big plays?

    3.      Why did he break with his long-time director, Elia Kazan?

    4.      What is the HUAC?


    For fun::  Who was Miller married to for a period of time?