What is the NCAA Clearinghouse?

    The NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse is an organization that works with the NCAA to determine a student's eligibility for athletics participation in his or her first year of college enrollment. Students who want to participate in Division 1 or Division 2 college sports during their first year of enrollment in college must register with the Clearinghouse. Please see the “Timeline for Student Athletes” below regarding suggestions from year to year throughout high school.

    Timeline for Student Athletes:

    Grade 9

    • Choose rigorous courses! Remember if you are recruited by a college, the first thing that any college coach will look at is your transcript. This can be a first impression that you make on a coach.
    • Talk to your counselor AND coach about your future intentions. Set realistic goals both academically and athletically.
    • Work with a coach and/or trainer to improve and strengthen skills.
    • Develop a plan, attend camps and showcases (if available for your sport).
    • GRADES! Your cumulative GPA calculation for college acceptance begins the first day of high school - every test, quiz, lab, and homework assignment matters!
    • See Resources (at the end of this document) to determine which Great Valley courses are approved by the NCAA; be sure you are taking approved courses.

    Grade 10

    • Choose rigorous courses – Keep your GRADES up!
    • Continue to keep your counselor and coach informed of your plans.
    • Research career and college information.
    • Continue to work on your athletic skills and keep track of your stats. Consider beginning an athletic and academic resume.
    • Visit schools, attend camps and showcases.
    • See Resources (at the end of this document) to determine which Great Valley courses are approved by the NCAA; be sure you are taking approved courses.

    Grade 11

    • Schedule unofficial visits to colleges.
    • Course selection - continue to take rigorous courses.
    • Take PSAT in the fall and SAT/ACT in the spring
    • Must send SAT/ACT scores directly to the NCAA! Code is 9999.
    • Continue to focus on your athletic skills and GRADES!
    • See Resources (at the end of this document) to determine which Great Valley courses are approved by the NCAA; be sure you are taking approved courses.
    • Create your account on the NCAA website -


    Registering (Follow these 5 steps):

    • To register with the NCAA Clearinghouse Eligibility Center, go to
    • To create an account, either click on the “New Account” button at the top right of the screen or the cell phone on the left side of the screen.
    1. Account Creation: You will need to provide a valid e-mail address to create an account and begin the registration process. Be sure you provide an e-mail address that will be active even after you complete high school.
    2. About Me: In this section, you just need to pass along some quick facts about you—information such as your name, date of birth, gender and where you live.
    3. My Coursework: You will need to enter the name and location of the high school you currently attend in this section. If you have attended more than one school (including summer school) during grades 9, 10, 11 or 12, you will need to have that information ready as well. List all schools you previously attended. Make sure to include all schools, whether you received grades or credits. If you attended ninth grade in a junior high school located in the same school system in which you later attended high school, do not list the ninth-grade school.
    4. My Sport: In this section, you will select the sport(s) you plan to participate in at an NCAA Division I or II school. The Eligibility Center will also ask about the high school and/or club teams you have been a part of and events you have participated in during your high school career.
    5. Payment: Your account will be eligible for processing only with payment of an application fee of $65 for U.S. students or $95 for international students (or submission of a fee waiver if you have been granted a waiver). You must pay by debit, credit card or e-check. You are eligible for a waiver of the registration fee only if you have already received a waiver of the ACT or SAT fee. You must have an authorized high school official submit your fee waiver documentation online.  If you have not yet been granted a fee waiver by ACT or SAT, you are not yet eligible for a waiver of the registration fee.


    Send SAT/ACT Scores:  IMPORTANT: All SAT and ACT test scores must be reported to the clearinghouse directly from the testing agency. Test scores will not be accepted if reported on a high school transcript. When registering for the SAT or ACT, input the clearinghouse code of 9999 to make sure the score is reported directly to the clearinghouse.


    Send High School Transcript:  Ask your guidance counselor to send an official transcript to the Eligibility Center after completing your junior year. If you have attended more than one high school, the Eligibility Center will need official transcripts from all high schools attended. (The Eligibility Center does NOT accept faxed transcripts or test scores).


    Final Amateurism Certification: Request a final certification! Log back in during your senior year and update any new information and request final amateurism certification. *Beginning April 1 for fall enrollees and beginning October 1 for spring enrollees.


    Final Transcripts: Following graduation, request your final transcript to be sent to the NCAA Clearinghouse. They need a transcript with proof of graduation.


    Grade 12

    • Take fall ACT/SAT.
    • Go on official college visits.
    • Complete college applications. Generally the earlier the better for submittal before Thanksgiving and in some cases sooner.
    • Complete the financial aid application (FAFSA) after January 1, regardless of your plans.
    • Choose a college.
    • Sign letter of intent.
    • GRADES!
    • See Resources (at the end of this document) to determine which Great Valley courses are approved by the NCAA; be sure you are taking approved courses.


    • The link below is where you determine which Great Valley High School courses are approved by the NCAA. These are the courses that are used by the NCAA to determine your core GPA for initial GPA requirement. Next to “6-digit CEEB/ACT Code” enter 392363:

    *List of NCAA courses*

    • Division I and II worksheets – keep track of the approved courses that you’ve taken throughout high school to determine your core GPA which is used for NCAA initial eligibility requirements: