• Catcher in the Real World

    Posted by Brittany Carlino on 4/5/2012 5:00:00 PM
    Catcher in the Rye in the real world…

    Though it’s “old” by some standards, The Catcher in the Rye is still referenced and a regular part of our contemporary world. To prove it to you, I’d like you to spend a bit of time looking at it in today’s world. You are going to research one of the three topics below
    1. Salinger, the author
    2. The novel as a whole
    3. Holden, the character
    You can look for Articles, Videos, Song Lyrics, Images, etc from the past ____ years. You will then create a post about your finding on our class website.

    Your post is essentially an annotated bibliography post. It should be no more than one paragraph, but you’re going to want to sell your finding, since there will be 24 other ones that are vying for attention. Therefore, your post should include:
    • An eye-catching (yet meaningful) title
      • Note, titles like “READ THIS IT ROCKS” are not meaningful (nor punctuated correctly), and all caps does not make something eye-catching.
    • Opening lines that make your reader want to keep reading
    • Relevant and accurate brief summary of why this was worthy of bringing to your class’ attention. (Here’s where you’d made connections to our class learnings/discussions/ideas.)
    • Make sure you include
      • The title of the article,
      • author of the article, and
      • name of the publication (like New York Times).
    Other things to consider including:
    • A reaction or comment to the information.
    • Why did you choose this article out of the many available?
    • Will you recommend this article to someone else?
    • Does this relate to your life?

    • please include the link to your material at the end of your response.
    • You may not have the same post as someone else. You need to check the page first and then post. If by some weird happenstance you’re posting at the exact same time about the exact same connection, then we’ll allow it, but try your best to find something others don’t have.

    Write good stuff! We’ll be spending Wednesday’s class perusing all the postings, so make sure you give us something worth exploring.

    Enjoy reading and connecting.
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