• Stress

    by Abumrad & Krulwich Length: 56:10

    The body has a system for getting out of trouble. Back when trouble meant being chased by a tiger, that system gave us a real survival edge. But these days, "trouble" is more likely to mean waiting in traffic... and "the system" is more likely to make us sick. The podcast will teach us about the causes, symptoms, and treatments for STRESS.

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  • Deception

    by Jad Abumrad & Robert Krulwich Length: 59:36

    We look at lies, liars, and lie catchers, and ask: can you lead a life without deception? In this episode, we consult a cast of characters, from pathological liars to lying snakes to drunken psychiatrists, to try and understand the dark trait of deception.

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  • Earworms

    by Jad Abumrad & Robert Krulwich Length: 8:34

    First, we asked you to tell us what song gets stuck in your head. Then, we asked you how you got it out. Finally, we made a podcast. Thank you to everyone who called in, shared their secret techniques, and sang without shame. Your suggestions ranged from

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  • Sleep

    by Jad Abumrad & Robert Krulwich Length: 59:00

    Every creature does it - from giant hump back whales all the way down to fruit flies - and yet science still can't answer the basic questions: Why do we sleep? What is it for? We'll eavesdrop on the uneasy dreams of rats in search of answers.

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  • Laughter

    by Jad Abumrad & Robert Krulwich Length: 59:30

    The investigation into why we laugh.  How does it bond us, what does it say about us, how does it spread among us?  The science of laughter.

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