• Welcome to Honors Biology!                        
       Honors Biology is a ninth grade full year survey course taught at an advanced level. Emphasis is placed on a molecular approach with topics such as biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, anatomy, physiology, classification, evolution, ecology and current social issues. This course includes advanced labs, enrichment activities, journal article readings and project research. Through the use of a core of experiments, a laboratory approach will be utilized with emphasis placed on inductive reasoning. Those students interested in electing future advanced science courses or interested in a potential science career should consider this option. This course is faster paced (less review) and more in-depth than the standard level course. Students need to be responsible, focused and indepenedent learners (have good study habits.)
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    - General Course Information - (Includes Syllabus and Unit Study Guides)
    - The Nature of Science - General Biology Information
    - Study Skills- Tips for Success!
    - First Semester Unit Material- Arranged by units and includes tutorials, animations, etc.
    - Second Semester Unit Material - Arranged by units and includes tutorials, animations, etc