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    Guided Study is a course for students who have IEP's.  The amount of Guided Study is determined by the IEP team.  Students will work on some of the following during Guided Study:
    • Completing assignments from classes
    • Finishing tests/quizzes
    • Receiving support from LS teacher in classes, study skills, test prep, etc.
    • Researching postsecondary options (college, tech schools, etc.)
    • Exploring Naviance (college/career site)

    Guided Study is worth 0.1 credits for each period they are assigned and students are graded Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory in this class.  The LS teacher will check Skyward frequently to discuss grades with their students.  Students are expected and encouraged to be self advocates and seek support when they need it.  The hope is that as students progress in high school they will gradually decrease their Guided Study support and the amount of accommodations in their IEP.