• April 23, 2020

    Dear Charlestown Parents,

    Below are three informational items.  Two are in regards to the new elementary schedule.  The last one is for ALL Charlestown families, staff and students!  The first two items are to support you and your child, as well as, provide the best learning environment for students while distance learning.  The Charlestown teachers and I appreciate your cooperation, patience and flexibility as we navigate this new way of instruction.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

    • Access to Special Area Sessions

    -For special area LIVE sessions, please follow the directions in the video link below to find access to your child’s LIVE Specials Stream.  In SeeSaw, all special areas should be listed under their name in the top left drop down menu found with their subject. They should have their homeroom teacher’s name listed on the first tab and then tabs below for STEAM, Music, P.E., Art and Library.  For example: 1st grade Music.  If you don’t see these lists, please send an issuetrak to issuetrak@gvsd.org .  Once inside the special Seesaw page, click on the activity tab (the lightbulb). At the top of the activity page, you should see the Teams icon a link to the Teams LIVE Session.   Once you hit the link for Teams, it should prompt to Open Microsoft Teams if it does click Open Microsoft Teams.  If it doesn’t click the words Launch it now after the question Already have the Teams app? Then The link here will lead you to a video to explain how to log into SEESAW for the Special Area lessons.  Just a reminder these sessions do not offer the opportunity for dialogue between the student and the teacher.  Students will follow along with the directions being given by the teacher.

    Here is the video link:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/17K9fgo8JQrtSTR4Epwz8qereoxOtvWiD/view

    Parents we are using Seesaw as a way to get to TEAMS LIVE STREAM sessions for the Special Areas.


    • Guidelines for TEAMS

    Etiquette for TEAM Meetings

    1. Please be on time
    1. Please do not eat during the meeting
    1. Please sit-up in a chair and have your face in close proximity to the computer during the meeting so others can hear when you talk
    1. Please eliminate distractions as much as possible (Ex. Pets, siblings, toys)
    1. Please try to find a quiet room to have the best learning environment
    1. Please keep your microphone on mute until it is your turn to talk
    1. Please remember to use the chat feature appropriately.  These meetings are being recorded and that includes the conversations in the chat section.

    The Charlestown Staff and I hope that you remain safe and healthy during this unprecedented time.  We hope you are enjoying your time together as a family.  For those parents who are working on the front lines of this pandemic, THANK YOU.  Thanks to all Charlestown families for ALL that you are doing each and every day!


    Chris Pickell