• 3/28/2020


    Quick Links
    • Turnitin 
    • WikiSpace
    • Email Etiquette
    • GoodReads
    • NoodleTools
    • Animoto
    • Google Drive



    • Posting an essay 
    • Reading comments on an essay
    • Posting to the discussion board  
      (Miss P-C's classes- your password is patriots to join our class!)

    Click the link below to join the Wiki for your class (not all classes will use a Wiki).  If you have never created a WikiSpace account, you need to do so now.) Your username should indicate who you are, but should not include information like your student ID number.

    Email Etiquette  (from the OWL @ Purdue University)
    • When mailing a teacher, ALWAYS include your full name (and class period at the beginning of the year).
    • Include what the email is specifically regarding in the subject.
    • Check for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors before clicking Send. 
    • Use a professional font, not decorative. 

    Good Topics for Email

    You should email your teacher if:

       – You have an easy question that can be answered in a paragraph or less. 
       – You have an assignment that you are allowed to submit via email.

    Bad Topics for Email

    There are some rules that it’s best to follow, such as:
    – Don’t try to turn in an assignment through email if your teacher has specified against it.
    – If you have to get an extension for an assignment, do it in person.
    – Don’t bring up any topic that will require continuous conversation.


    Write down books you’re reading, what you think, share with friends. Not required, but if you’re a book worm, or you are a picky reader and need suggestions, this can be a useful and engaging site.  There’s even an iPhone app. J

    *Do not give away the ending to novels in your reviews!  You can write comments and click on the "spoiler alert" button.

    • Bibliography 
    • Notecards 
    • Exporting to create a Works Cited Page

    Editing with Word 

    Animoto- an easy-to-use- video-making website  www.animoto.com 

    If you’re not a Mac owner and MovieMaker is painful, this can be a nice change for quick movies using images and words.  If you want to use this for a project, see Miss P-C and I’ll give you a magical academic code to get a free, long video.  Also iPhone and Facebook friendly. 

    Google Drive- save your work- at school, at home, view it from your phone www.google.com                       (use a Gmail account if you have one; set one up if you don’t) 

    Have you ever lost your work in the writing center or the library?  Do you float between two houses or multiple computers- then this is for you.  It’s hard to lose your work when it’s saved in the cloud. J Use this for typing up papers, brainstorming, etc.  Then share with your friends (or even your parents or teacher who are kindly editing for you)!