• Biology Syllabus

    Mrs. Medvec (Room 89)



    Contact Information:

    Phone Number: 610-889-1900 ext. 22089

    Email: cmedvec@gvsd.org


    Course Content:

    Ninth grade biology is divided into the following units:

    • Unit 1: Introduction to Biology and Chemistry
    • Unit 2: Biochemistry
    • Unit 3: Enzymes and Digestion
    • Unit 4: Cell Structures and Functions
    • Unit 5: Cell Transport and Cell Energy
    • Unit 6: DNA and Protein Synthesis
    • Unit 7: Mitosis and Meiosis
    • Unit 8: Genetics and Biotechnology
    • Unit 9: Evolution
    • Unit 10: Ecology
    • Unit 11: Frog Dissection

    The first semester focuses on units 1 through 5, and the second semester focuses on units 6 through 11.  In addition to regular tests and quizzes, all biology students take midterm and final examinations.  The midterm exam covers material from the first semester.  The final exam covers material from the second semester.  The following textbook is used:

                       Miller, K.R. & Levine, J. (2010). Biology. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson.


    Students must come prepared with the following materials each day:

    • 3-ring binder (1.5-2 inches thick) and dividers
    • Loose leaf paper for notes section of notebook
    • Writing utensils— #2 pencils and pens (black or blue ink)
    • iPad
    • Completed assignments


    Marking period grades will be determined using a weighted system based on performance on summative assessments (60%), homework (15%), and other (25%).  The “other” category includes laboratory assignments, projects, class activities, etc.  Grades will be posted on SKYWARD so that you can check your progress throughout the semester. 

    • Late/Absent:
      • If an assignment is not handed in on time, 10% of the value of the assignment will be deducted from the grade for everyday the assignment is late. (As specified below, “Quick Check Homework” cannot be turned in late for any credit.)
      • A note about “Quick Check Homework” assignments: On the day that many homework assignments are due, we will go over the answers together as a class.  We refer to such assignments as “Quick Check Homework.”  Students will receive full credit (usually 5 points) for completion.  If the assignment is not complete, students receive zero points.  Because answers are given in class, “Quick Check Homework” cannot be made up for credit. 
      • Please refer to the Student-Parent Handbook for information regarding make-up work for absences.
    • Final Grade in Biology
      • Each marking period counts for 20% of the final grade.
      • The midterm exam counts for 10% and the final exam counts for 10%.

    Student Responsibilities:

    There are 3 main rules* in Mrs. Medvec’s classroom, and they are in effect at all times.

    1. Be on time. (Be in your assigned seats when the bell rings.)
    2. Be prepared. (Bring required materials to class with you, complete homework and reading assignments, and be ready to participate in class by asking and answering questions.)
    3. Be respectful. (Be respectful of each other and school property.  We want to create a nurturing environment where everyone feels welcome.  iPads will be used in the classroom, but cell phones and other electronic devices should not be seen or heard.)

    *Laboratory experiments will be conducted throughout the year.  Specific lab safety rules will be given before completing labs.  It is imperative that all lab safety rules be followed.

    Violation of classroom rules will be handled within the classroom.  Consequences may include a verbal warning, phone call home to parent/guardian, and/or teacher detention.  Violation of school-wide rules will be handled as specified in the Student-Parent Handbook.

    Teacher Responsibilities:

    I am here to help you succeed in biology.  Therefore, I will:

    1. Be prepared and organized for class.
    2. Be available for extra help outside of class. (I can be available before and after school as needed.)
    3. Provide a safe classroom environment.
    4. Check student work, keep a record of completed and missing assignments, and post grades on SKYWARD.
    5. Give students prompt feedback for their efforts.

    Hints for Success in Biology:

    • Pay attention. Listen and participate in class.  Always check the front board for homework assignments.  If you need something repeated or would like a clarification of expectations, raise your hand.
    • Study outside of class. Review the material covered in class each day.  This will make it much easier to study for tests.
    • Stay organized. Keep notes, handouts, homework assignments, labs, etc. in an organized manner in your notebook. 
    • Set priorities. Don’t wait until the last minute to start a major assignment or to study for a test.
    • Seek out help when needed. Ask questions during class.  If you have a concern or problem, discuss it with me.  I’m available after school most days for extra help.  If you’d like to stay after, see me to arrange a time.