• How to join WikiSpaces


    ·        Go to www.wikispaces.com and Click on the “Wikis for Individuals and Groups” box on the right,

    o   Create a Username

    §  This should include your first name and last initial so people can know to whom they are responding.  (Think about your classmates and how they will know who you are!)
    Example:  MattW or AbbeyR

    o   Enter a Password (make sure it's something you'll remember!)

    o   Enter valid email address

    ·        Press “Join Now” – you have now created an account.


    STOP there.  Do NOT create a new WikiPage…you are just joining ours.


    ·     Now go to
    • Period 4:  http://mscarlinoperiod4.wikispaces.com/ 
    • Period 6:  http://mscarlinoamlit.wikispaces.com/ 
    •       Period 7:  http://misscarlinoperiod7.wikispaces.com/

    ·        On the left hand side, find and click “join this Wiki” tab.

    ·        Enter Username and Password

    ·        Request Membership


    Voila! You are finished.