• The Crucible

    Background info:
    • Please complete this Webquest to learn more about the society we're heading into.  Use the links provided to access the information.
    • EXPERIENCE THE TRIALS!!!  http://www.nationalgeographic.com/salem/ - This is a really interesting and interactive website that takes you through a real witch-trial....will you survive??
    • Historical (and Factual!) Information for Characters:  This is an awesome hypertext (meaning it links to other pages with more info) about the major players in the Salem witch trials who we also meet in the play.

    Thematic Real World Connections:
    • Tourette's in Le Roy New York
      • Here's all the videos we previewed in class.  (There are others on here, and we'll talk about them later, too)
      • Read the follow-up New York Times article about it as well.
    • Bystander Effect


     Class Materials/Assignments 
    For one of the statements on our Anticipation Guide, you were to write a response of 500 words or more in MLA format as to why you have the belief you do.  Please copy and paste your response here.   If someone responds to it, they may earn up to 10 points extra credit.  Extra credit points both depend on the quality and quantity of the response.