• Poetry is a deal of joy and pain and wonder, with a dash of the dictionary. 
    ~Kahlil Gibran
    After reading the Myths of Daring, and reading some poetry about the myths of the daring adventurers, we crafted our own poems, aiming to emulate those we read in class.  We also learned and included allusions, metaphors and similies, and epithets.  Here are a few samplings from our class.  See if you can find the literary elements.

    (Skyler Mueller)
    You have to wonder,
    what were the hundred-handed
    thinking as they fell?
    Did they feel like the lonely kid at lunch?
    Are they the new kid at school?
    Abandoned, alone?
    As the Cyclopes travled down Gaea,
    did its lonesome eye shed a tear?
    A tear that fell for nine days and nine nights,
    just a drop in a cloud.
    Would their father notice it?
    Could his eyes see the tear even with his blindfold of power
    hugging his head tightly.
    Uranus could not see his Invisible Children.
    The Cyclopes were craftsmen,
    but the could not craft love,
    fatherly love.

    (Ben Moore)
    The great, white, winged horse has been tamed,
    By the grey eyed Athena, I was claimed.
    Her fingers put the bridle gently in my jaw,
    Commanding that my teeth did not gnaw,
    For a certain Bellerophon, he was named.
    He defeated the mighty monster of three heads,
    In fact, he ripped that Fluffy into shreds.
    He sought out and killed the Solymi tribe,
    More gore than I would like to describe.
    I did not enjoy this action; it terrified me instead.
    He then mounted me and rode to the sky,
    I flew like a weary traveler, with a reluctant sigh.
    And now applauded by the ones who condemned him,
    His sense of pride filled to the very brim,
    He urged me onward in the sky far and high.
    He wanted to be high in the temple as a god,
    But Zeus appeared to me and gave me a nod.
    And with that I bucked my rider up and down
    He fell off, and I received an honorary crown
    For I am Pegasus, and he is now a flattened wad.

    Hubristic Arachne
    (Julia Badyna)

    How could one be so

    Undoubtedly fooled into

    Believing she is better than grey-eyed Athena? Not

    Realizing her mistake


    Seems that Arachne flew too high…did she not learn from

    The troubles of

    Icarus to stay below the sky?  a genius in her




    Reached higher than the gods…only to fall.

    A witch in personality, a

    Claude Monet in skill, and as

    Hubristic as

    Niobe. she had

    Everything, but desired more.

    Zeus’s Daily Work


    Zeus sees all from atop Mount Olympus,

    Surveying the mortal world below like an eagle.

    “Oh, Smite me mighty Zeus, for I have sinned,”

    Comes the pleading cry from a young boy.

    “I realize I have done a task even too great for you.”

    The great father laughs mockingly at the ridiculous boy,

    “There is no such thing as a task too great for mighty Zeus.

    I am the great ruler of this land,

    I shall do as I please.”

    Immediately Zeus strikes his thunderbolt upon the helpless soul.

    Watching from his perch above, Zeus follows the body

    As it falls into the river in a bundle of ash.

    Smugly satisfied, Zeus returns his attention to the land below,

    Not another thought given to the life so quickly and effortlessly taken.