• Outside Readings - 2015-2016

    OR #2 - Cultural Capital - Due Thursday, 1/7

     What IS Cultural Capital?  Here's the PowerPoint we reviewed in class!

    Assignment Explanation

    For this assignment, you're going to read and respond to a book that examines a culture other than your own.  More information on this will follow in class.  For now, choose the book!!  (And have it in class by Friday, December 18th, please!)

    Here is a list of possible titles to consider (which include my notes).  By all means, however, research on your own and or see me for other suggestions.  Some other helpful links:

    Additional titles discovered in 2015-2016 

    This will be submitted to turnitin.com.


     Inside-Outside Reading #3
    Things Fall Apart - by Chinua Achebe
    If you'd like to write in your book, purchase this copy so you're (literally!) on the same page as the class!

    OR #1 - "The Journey" - Book read by Wednesday, 10/12
    For this assignment, you are going to read one of the following three books:

    How to Prepare
    You have to take notes, as we discussed in class.  To assist in that, here are some strategies/tools you could utilize :
    • Think about how you read for MEANING. Refer to the notes we took in class about note-taking methods.
    • At some point in your reading, use or create something like this self-eval we did in class to see if what you're doing is really helpful.
    Other helpful strategies at midway points for synthesis/processing:
    • Create a timeline for the character's life.  This should include major events including but not limited to:  obstacles, triumphs, influential characters, etc.  The format/design can be as you wish. You may want to color code certain events to help keep track of what happened when.  The idea is to help you remember the major events of his life and story.
    • Create a character chart like the one we did for the summer reading books.  This should include character name, description/relation to main character, and if s/he is dynamic or static.
    • Create a columned graphic organizer to chart specific obstacles/challenges, how he overcame each, and what - if any - impact the event had on his life.
    These are not required but are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.  The more note taking you do now, the less research you need to do later.  Simple as that!  I hope you enjoyed reading.