• Outside Readings:  2009-2010

    OR #1 - Due Wednesday, 10/21
    For this assignment, you are going to do a One Pager.  You can download it here and type right into the document.  Print it out, sign it, and turn it in when you're done.
    Simple as that!  I hope you enjoyed reading.
    OR #2 - Due Friday, 12/11
    For this assignment, you're going to read and respond to a book that examines a culture other than America.  More information on this will follow in class.  For now, choose the book!!  (And have it in class by Nov. 13th, please.)
    Here is a list of titles to consider, and of course, you can see me for my suggestions, or do research on your own.
    OR #3 - Due sometime in February/early March!
    Again with a book of your choice, please complete this one pager discussing conflict. 
    There are multiple types of conflict, so I've included a brief explanation here.  We will review these in class as well, but this is a good reference sheet.
    Additionally, here is a link to a Conflict PowerPoint with a few more explanations and examples.  If you think of any examples I can add, let me know and I'll do so!
    Evaluation Criteria
    You will be evaluated based on the correct identification of the conflict, your explanation of its resolution or lackthereof, incorporation of at least one cited, direct quotation, and of course, writing without committing any Unforgivable sins!!! 
    Though you will not be graded on them, look to challenge yourself by incorporating the grammar and skills lessons we've had throughout the year. 
    OR #4 - Due beginning week of April 19th.


    • Tips and Suggestions (Page 1)
    • Both during and after reading, you want to keep track of information that you can use in your presentation.  The questions on page 2 of this packet may help guide your reading. 
    • Presentation Dos and Don'ts (Page 3)


    PowerPoint tips and guidelines   Download

    A fantastic PowerPoint that explains PowerPoints, use this information to guide you while you create your own project. You can expect to be held to these expectations when your work is evaluated.
    Book Choices:
    Looking for something good?
    OR #5 - Due Week of June 7.
    Find a person you respect to recommend a book to you!  Then, write him or her a letter and ask for a response back.
    Explanation (in case you lose the one I gave you in class)