• Supplemental Mythology Info:

    Ancient Greece and Today
    Emory University has a fantastic interactive website with TONS-O-INFORMATION that is interesting and credible.  You will be remiss (vocab word!) if you miss out on this site.  (It even shows American city names that come from the Greek culture/life.  How cool!)
    Contemporary Allusions...

    The Pantheon

    If you're in need of more information regarding the gods and goddesses,use these resources!
    Family Tree
    I bet you don't have a family tree like this!  Click on the links below to see a fantastic genealogical chart of our deities!

    Greek Mythology Gods Family Tree
    Adapted from Edith Hamilton. This page is a hyperlinked genealogy of the major gods.

    Family Tree of Greek Gods and Goddesses
    From the University of Michigan, a nice hyperlinked family tree of both Greek and Roman gods. If you are interested they also have trees for Norse gods.

    Online articles
    Search here for information on our study of the Greeks and their beliefs.  Each will link to a PDF file.
    Other noteworthy names
    Monsters and Creatures
    A cool wikisite with images and information about some of our not-so-lovable characters!
    Cultural Concepts
    Source Note:  Selected readings are drawn from Rosenberg's (1992) Mythology and You text, which is no longer in print. 
    Other Print Resources:
    See these pages in your copy of Edith Hamilton's Mythology to further augment (vocab word!!) your understanding of the Greek culture and beliefs.
      • Demeter and Persephone - pg. 57, then skip to page 61 midway down.
      • Tantalus - pg. 346
      • Sisyphus - pg. 439-440
      • Arachne (another version) - pg. 426
      • Actaeon - pg. 374
    Trustworthy Online Information Sites
    These websites offer valid, timely, and insightful background on our many characters.  Navigate them often and you'll continually gain new knowledge.
    As we've been studying words and their roots to help us become better readers and writers, I thought I'd link you to some well-researched sites.  Some overlap, but you can keep looking if you don't find a particular root on one of the sites.
      • Latin and Greek Roots Index - This one is geared more toward biology-related roots, but so many are in every day language as well.
      • Word Info - This is my new favorite website!  You can type in words or parts of words that you're unsure of.  In a moment, it will give you what the part means AND a quiz to see how well you know.  Hello awesome!
      • Mythology terms! A great chart with key mythology roots that can offer background information helpful in many disciplines.