• Vocab All Stars!!!


    UNIT 1

    • Provincial: 
      • The provincial young know it all added his red shirt on with his whites. The meritorious old lady saved the kids clothes by separating the red shirt from his load. ~Dan B
      • When I watch this it makes me think how provincial the store owner must be to not think about trying to help the people that don’t know what they are doing. ~Jake H
    • Meritorious: If Justin Beiber walked into a regular old Laundromat every girl in town would find it meritorious considering he went there. ~Abbey R
    • Elicit:  I had to elicit my manliness and get the job done to get my chores done. Once the laundry was done I have to admit my job was quite meritorious. ~Wyatt J 
    Chris P's story: 
    One day in the Laundromat some guy walked in playing one of those banjos provincial to southern country like states. He told me a knock-knock joke which I found very hackneyed because you can only hear so many of them before they’re not funny anymore. He was clearly just trying to elicit a laugh from me but I didn’t laugh and felt bad. So I told him a hilarious joke which he really liked and applauded me for my meritorious joke.
    Nick's story:
    UNIT 2
    After being told a week in advance that my job interview was going to be with the ex officio of the company, I panicked a bit.  (Ryan A)
    Savannah W's Story
    I knew that when I went in for the job interview I hat to have aplomb.  I knew if I didn't then the boss would surmise that I wasn't fit for the job.  Too bad that when I walked into the office he was sitting with his feet on the desk, his shirt half unbuttoned, and his gut hanging out.  I almost couldn't stand the smelll of the garbage.  He was not unctuous at all!  How was he the ex officio of the company?  I stayed thinking that someone, such as a secretary, would intercede.  However, nobody ever came in.  I was stuck for the full interview.  I ended up getting the job, but I knew I couldn't work there!
    Dana A's Story
    Yesterday could have possibly been one of the worst days of my life.  I had been searching for jobs for so long, and out of nowhere, I met this guy in town.  He seemed very meritorious and presented himself well.  Once we got to talking, I found out he was the president ex officio to a large company.  Excitedly, I asked if he needed any help, and sure enough, he did.  He asked me to come in for an interview.  When I got to the office I presented myself with great aplomb;  I sat up straighter than I had before.  Once we got to talking, a very unctuous woman came in.  She immediately started inveighing him once the door opened.  I was sitting for so long I was just about to intercede.  I hate waiting.  I surmised the woman was his wife by the way she was talking, but I wasn't sure.  Sadly I found out it wasn't his wife, but the real ex officio owner and manager of the workplace.  Turns out they weren't even hiring.  He must have just told me about himself to ingratiate himself with what I was saying about needing a job.
    Chris P's story:
    So I was sitting there at Target waiting for my job interview, and this guy walked in and this other guy was there too, but he didn't say much.  Before it began he started making all this weird small talk and he pretty much yelled when he talked.  He was kind of the ex officio king of the intervew because he was the boss and never really let the other guy talk.  By the time we started the interview, I had pretty much lost all aplomb and started to get sick of this guy.  I surmised that even if I got the job, I would hate it because of this guy.  I was doing fine in the interview but I could barely take this guy anymore.  He just didn't know how to not yell.  One time the other guy tried to intercede and actually say something, but that just made the dude talk even louder.  He said everything with an unctuous tone, like he's the boss and he's rubbing it in your face.  Then I just kinda got up and left.