• Introduction to Debate

     TP debate



  • Resources

    • Speech Writing Checklist:  Policy Debate Speaker Checklist - Remember:  this is NOT all encompassing.  You will still need to think and act on your feet. BUT, it does provide a starting point for you to create your own speeches and follow others. 
    • Debate Videos:  Here's my YouTube Debate Playlist of helpful resources.  It has videos on Flowing, Cross Examination, Sample Policy Debates, and then Tournament of Champion "Spread" debate.
    • Flowing:  Here is a great video to explain flowing.  NOTE:  we will NOT be doing two rebuttals, so you only need 6 slots.  Your own paper + pens are welcome if you want them!
    • Affirmative Case Explained: This clearly spells out your task and strategies for a good case. "Affirmative Case Explained."  The closer you read it, the better prepared you will be for beginning research.
    • Cross Examination Questioning: 
    • Policy Debate A-Z:  This takes you through all the intricacies of debate. Chapters 1-10 are about the basics of policy debate.  Chapters 11-16 go into more advanced debate theory/specifics about tournaments, etc. Just be aware that we will not go as deep as everything indicated here...but it's all worth knowing!! (The document was created with information taken and amended this from this website.  If you are interested in going through the website on your own to get a head start on the other elements of debate, go for it.)
    • Topics:  Room for Debate - From The New York Times webpage, a place to look for potential topics/articles!!
    • Ready for practice??  Listen to this story on NPR about Policy Change in California.  Can you identify the stock issues?


  • Best Apps for Improving Public Speaking:

    1. To avoid fillers:  Ummo, LikeSo (iOS), and Um Counter (Android)
    2. To calm your nerves:  Confident Public Speaking
    3. For a teleprompter:  Prompster Pro turns your smartphone or tablet into a teleprompter, easily importing a written speech into it with scrolling options.
    4. To master the pace/timing:  SpeakerClock (iOS), Presentation Timer Pro (Android)
  • Stay Informed!
    Here are a few sites to visit to stay abrest of news of the world
    • The BBC - British Broadcasting Company covers world news rigorously...check them out.
    • The New York Times - New York's newspaper, it's also seen as news of the nation.  It is known to have a more democratic slant since it is published in liberal New York.
    • The Wall Street Journal - Opposite to the NYTimes, the journal is known to present issues from a more conservative perspective.
    I encourage you to read and be familiar with as many news outlets as possible; the more you read, the more informed you are of many perspectives, and the better you're able to formulate your own, justified, position.