• Our trip, in pictures....

    Day 1.
    We arrive!!
    Once at school, we meet partners.  Icebreakers are awkward...but hilarious!


    After our initial greeting and tour of the school, we learn Le Lanciers, a dance traditionally performed at Danish celebrations (though it"s actually a French dance!). 
    Emily does a great job with her partner!
    Em dancing 

    As we learn to get the hang of it,
    there are lots of laughs all around.
    lots of laughs
    B and K
    Bridget and Keerthana are pretty good at this. 
    Meanwhile, Miss C gets elected as "first lady" and helps to demonstrate all steps. 
    Miss C
    Rachel and Mercedes pick it up pretty quickly, though! 
    R and M
    And Zack is apparently a pro!