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    Great Valley Book Club
    “The more that you read,
    the more things you will know.
    The more that you learn,
    the more places you'll go.”
    ~Dr. Seuss

    Who:     Anyone who loves to read!
    When:   Tuesdays after school
    Where:  Miss Carlino's room, 146
    What:    To read and discuss reading!!

    Currently Reading:  Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

    • For our first book selection:
      • Read by date TBD. 
    • Please stop by Miss Carlino's room with your $10 fall semester dues.  It can be cash or check (made out to Great Valley Book Club)
    • For next week:
      • NO MEETING. 

    Weekly Meeting Minutes: 
    This is a quick recap of what we covered.  If you have questions about what you missed, email me or see me in school.
    October 19
    Hi, all. Homecoming details were finalized at this meeting; please see the website for table working slots and volunteered contributions.
    Please remember to bring any baked good you volunteered to make.
    At this point everyone has picked up her copy of Water for Elephants and we decided our Book Discussion day will be Tuesday, November 16th.
    Because of the length of the book, we also decided to do some interim meeting days. These are optional for people who want to share their opinions/questions as they read.
    • Wednesday, Nov 3 – read through p. 104 (NOTE:  This is one-time change from Tuesday since you don't have school on Nov. 2 because of Election Day.)
    • Tuesday, Nov 9 – read through p. 220 (read through ch. 16)
    If you have read further, you’re still welcome to join, we’ll just ask that you not spoil any good stuff. Again, the final reading date is Nov. 16. We are excited to start our discussions!

    October 5

    Today we:


    ·  Collected dues.  If you have not yet paid but are planning to be involved this fall semester, please see me ASAP.  They are $10.  Thanks! 

    ·  Elected Officers:

    o    Pres – Casey R

    o    VP – Hannah W

    o    Secretary – Danling Y

    o    Treasurer – Katie P

    ·  Ordered books.  Listen for announcements to know when to come pick them up!  Thanks.  If you did not tell me you wanted one, you’re on your own!!

    ·  Signed up for Homecoming time slots and what we’d bring.  See below.  If you can help man the table for any period of time OR if you want to bring something to sell, please let us know.

    o    These lists will be posted on the website for those who need reminders J 




    Time slots

    Set-up – 9:30

    Casey and Audrey


    Iman and Caitlyn


    Caitlin and Danling


    Farrell, Jackie


    Hannah and Megan


    Gianna and Hannah


    Casey and Miss Stull








    Rice Krispies


    Wrapped Candy


    Lemon Madelines and choco chip cookies


    Chocolate covered pretzels

    Miss Stull



    Puppy Chow

    Miss Carlino

    Wrapped Candy/Lollipops



    ALL:  PLEASE BRING BOOKS WE CAN SELL!!  We are collecting any books that we can put out for sale on the day of Homecoming.  You can bring them to my room anytime.  Even one book is helpful!


    Our next meeting will be October 19th .  We will discuss:

    ·         Preparation for Homecoming

    ·         When we’ll meet to discuss Water for Elephants.

    ·         Sweatshirt orders!!

    September 28
    • Created Banned Book Week bulletin board.  Pics to follow. 
    • Discussed book selection and confirmed reading.