• The Awakening
    by Kate Chopin
    Unit Purpose/Goal

    Major Learnings we hope to have by the end of reading:

    1. Individual growth and discovery may lead to an individual's destruction or transformation.
    2. The need for self-discovery is an inherent part of human nature.
    3. Growth from a personal journey requires learning from and adaption to experiences.
    4. Human nature resists categorization and because of that, individuals often are in conflict with society’s expectations.

    Questions to address while reading:

    1. What is the dual nature of women? How women can reconcile that nature with society’s expectations.
    2. How can an individual stay true to him or herself and still be a happy, functioning, and respected member of society?  Is this even possible?
    3. Is it ever necessary to sacrifice one’s self – figuratively speaking – for the sake of others?  When?  Why? 


    Wednesday, January 25-Friday January 27:  Writing Workshop

    • The Awakening E-Text
      • This is immensely helpful as it defines the French words you might not otherwise know.
    • Criticism (Secondary Sources):  Click here to view the PDFs of these critical analyses of Chopin's work. 

    Critical Reading
    "Creole Women" by Mary Schaffter.
    Published in 1892 in The Chautauquan, Schaffter delineates the life and expectations of New Orleans creole women.  Providing critical background for our reading of The Awakening, please take this online quiz after reading it.  You should use your reading while taking the quiz.