• Percy Jackson Permission Slip


    Laser Tag:   November 30, sign up in room 307

    Teeshirt Design Contest:  Submissions due November 27

    Movie Night:  TBD

    National Latin Honor Society Induction: TBD

    Soccer Tournament:   January 4, 2019

    Percy Jackson the Musical:   January 22, 2019 (fill out Permission Slip by Friday, November 9)


    The league dedicated to the one true Language.
    http://www.njcl.org/ (National Organization)




    JCL Creed

    We, the members of the Junior Classical League, covenant to hand on the torch of classical civilization in the modern world. We believe an acquaintance with the civilizations of Greece and Rome will help us understand and appraise this world of today, which is indebted to ancient civilization in its government, laws, literature, language, and arts. In addition, the JCL experience develops responsibility, fosters brotherhood, promotes enthusiasm, and enriches our total growth.






    PAJCL 2010