• Pont du Gard
    Name: Barbara Goodale
    Room 111
    Period 1 AP Latin/Hrs. Latin 5 Room 307
    Period 2 Honors Latin 4/Latin 4 Room 307
    Period 3 Study Hall Room 307
    Period 5/6 Latin 2
    (A Lunch)
    Room 307
    Period 7  Latin 3 Room 307
    Salvete Omnes! My name is Barbara Goodale and I have been teaching Latin in the Great Valley School District since 1992. I have a BA in Classics (Latin and Greek) from Bucknell University where I spent my junior year in Rome at Stanford University's ICCS program. I have MA in Classics from the University of Pennsylvania where I specialized in the Greek Bronze Age and the cult of Augustus in the Roman provinces. Over the years I have travelled extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East, visiting Greco-Roman sites. At Great Valley I have taught all levels of Latin;  this year I am teaching Latin 2, Latin 3, Honors Latin 4, Honors 5 and AP Latin.  I am also involved in the Junior Classical League, our school's Latin Club. I have organized and chaperoned a number of overseas trips and hope to be able to so again in the future.