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  • A Message from The GVHS Parent Teacher Organization

    Dear High School Families,

    Welcome to a new school year at Great Valley High School. The PTO works on behalf of all the GVHS students; and, as parents/guardians, we encourage your involvement in any number of committees that serve the staff and students of the high school.  All parents/guardians of high school students are eligible to participate in the PTO.  Please join us and find a way to contribute your timeand talentsto enhance the educational experience of our high school students.  

    The PTO works directly with the students and administration to plan and carry out fun filled events throughout the year.  We have one significant fundraiser each year and that is the sale of our directory. 

    Benefits of purchasing a directory include:

    • Seniors: planning for graduation and inviting fellow classmates and families
    • All students: List of local businesses supporting school programs and community

    Funds raised by the PTO benefit various events:

    • Freshman welcome event
    • Sophomore practice ACT/SAT tests
    • Junior Class After Prom Party (JRAPP)
    • Senior class Baccalaureate, June BBQ and Scholarships

    Additionally, the PTO provides funds for families in need through our community outreach program.

    Our PTO strives to do the following:

    1. Keep GVHS families informed about district and school programs, plans, and current activities.
    2. Provide avenues for questions and clarifications of items of specific interest and/or concern to GVHS parents.
    3. Promote school spirit.
    4. Maintain a positive, constructive attitude and ensure activities mirror the needs and advance the goals of the entire GVHS community.

    Our children benefit from the mutual effort coordinated by the PTO, and together we can make this an exceptional year!  


    Your GVHS PTO Executive Board


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    Position     Name   E-Mail
    President     Mahua Chakraborty
    Vice President     Darshika Sanghani
    Treasurer     Dorothy Bickell
    Treasurer (JRAPP)     Angie McCusker
    Recording Secretary     Theresa Becker
    Corresponding Secretary     Christina Savino



    Events for 2021-2022:

    Event   Date Name   E-Mail
    Senior Welcome Back Picnic   August, 2021 Barb Craig
          Susan Palmer
    Freshman Welcome Event   August 29, 2021 Jeannine Espenshade
          Ann Juliano
    Directory    Fall, 2021 Theresa Becker
    Directory Advertising     Partha Krishnaswamy
    Teacher Appreciation Dinner   November, 2021 Kristen Klugh-Cannella
          Vani Kodali
          Mahua Chakraborty
    Holiday Shopping   December 1, 2021 Mahua Chakraborty
    Jr. After Prom Party   Spring, 2022 Kelly Geibel
          Kim Fredrick
          Heather Maslowski
    Staff/Custodial Appreciation     April, 2022 Mahua Chakraborty
    Senior Scholarships   Spring, 2022 PTO Board
    Senior Dinner    May, 2022 Kristi Gilfillan
          Jamie Schrader
    Baccalaureate    June 8, 2022  at 7:00 PM Tiffany Baldino
    Senior BBQ   June 9, 2022 Brenda Spuckti
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