Great Valley High School

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  • Parent Key Communicators

    • The Parent Key Communicator network is comprised of parent volunteers. Jennifer Blake, Director of Communications and Outreach, facilitates the group. District Superintendent Regina Speaker Palubinsky and a School Board representative attend the meetings.

      The goal of the group is to increase two-way communication between district office, the schools, and the parent community. The group also works to identify areas that need further clarification so that common understanding is possible, and builds bridges between schools by providing parents with a forum where connections can be made.

      The volunteers who serve on the key communicators network create a link between parents and the district. Although the parent key communicators may not always have immediate answers to all the questions raised by other parents, these volunteers strengthen the line of communication for parents who seek information. The group will also help the district to better understand parent concerns.

      Questions, ideas, or concerns about the Parent Key Communicator network can be directed to any member or to Jennifer Blake at (610) 889-2125, ext. 52305, or via email at

    School Name Email
    Charlestown Elementary Kathleen Bergen
    Charlestown Elementary Sangeetha Voyalur Sakthi
    Charlestown Elementary Brenna Wimmer
    General Wayne Elementary Belinda Brown
    General Wayne Elementary Meenakshi Krishnamurthy
    General Wayne Elementary Vacant
    K. D. Markley Elementary Priya Bhuvanendran
    K. D. Markley Elementary Dee Nimmagadda
    K. D. Markley Elementary Kim Six
    Sugartown Elementary Bobbijo Pinnelli
    Sugartown Elementary Jamie Sindell
    Sugartown Elementary Jennifer Ginelli
    Great Valley Middle School Lynnette Granto
    Great Valley Middle School Cristina Hartley
    Great Valley Middle School Emily Stahl
    Great Valley High School Melissa Brilliant
    Great Valley High School Danielle Kennedy
    Great Valley High School Jodi Segarnick