• Eligibility for Co-Curricular Activities

    Rules of Eligibility:

    • All students participating in sports and activities are accountable under this policy.
    • Eligibility will be cumulative from the beginning of each marking period and will be reported on a weekly basis.
    • Teachers will report all grades for the marking period and ensure they are accurate each Wednesday. (Grades each Wednesday are considered the grade for the current marking period).
    • Coaches and advisors will be sent the list of failing students every Friday.
    • Subject teachers should notify students who are in danger of failing.
    • Any week during a marking period, that a student is not passing at least 4.0 credits, he/she will be ineligible to participate in athletic competitions the following week (Sunday through Saturday).
    • During the first week of a student’s ineligibility, he/she may practice with the team, but may not participate in any interscholastic contests. The student is required to contact the instructors of the classes he/she is failing for remedial work.
    • If a student is ineligible a third week during the marking period, he/she may not practice or participate in any interscholastic contests. The student is required to contact the instructors of the classes he/she is failing for remedial work. from the team

    Excused Absences:

    Every athlete has a responsibility to make every effort to attend all practices and competitions. This ideal attendance is not always attainable. Please follow these guidelines when absences are unavoidable: 

    • Athletes should inform their coach as soon as they are aware that they may be absent.

    All athletes must realize that while they are away, practice and possibly competitions will continue. This fact may place the athlete at a disadvantage in terms of strategy, conditioning, and/or team dynamics, which he/she must work to overcome.  Any student who has been absent from school during a semester for a total of twenty (20) or more school days, shall not be eligible to participate in any athletic contest until he/she has been in attendance for a total of sixty (60) school days following his/her twentieth (20) day of absence, except where there is an excused absence due to death in the immediate family or of a near relative as defined in Section 1154 of the Public School Code of 1949, as amended; court subpoena; quarantine; or to attend a religious activity/functions which the church requires its members to attend; or an excused absence of five (5) or more school days due to the same confining illness or injury, such excused absence may be waived from the application of this rule by the District Committee.   Attendance at summer school does not count toward the sixty (60) days required.  Absence from school for an entire semester, or for several semesters, shall disqualify a student for the same period as stated in this section.

    Attendance in School

    Athletes have chosen to participate in a sport. Therefore, if the event runs late into the evening, athletes are expected to be in school on time the next morning. If an athlete is not in school by 10:30 a.m., he/she may not participate or practice in any athletic events on that day.  (10:30 a.m. on Friday for a Saturday game.)

    Any athlete sent home by the school nurse during the school day duy to illness is not permitted to return that day for practice or competition unless cleared to do so by a note from a Physician stating they are medically cleared to return to school and athletics.

    Home Schooling: POLICY #121 (SECTION J) The Board of School Directors of Great Valley School District will offer athletic extra-curricular opportunities for home schooled students.