• Expectations for current NHS members

    Congratulations!  You made it into NHS.  Now that you are a member, you have certain responsibilities.  These are listed below.  

    Expectations for current NHS members

    ·         Attend and participate in all chapter meetings. Set a goal of making one positive contribution at each session, even if nothing more than being on time and paying attention to every presenter.

    ·         Participate in and support all of the chapter's projects throughout the year, whether these are providing service, raising money, providing leadership and training, or otherwise reaching out to the school or community.

    ·         Promote service through your individual service activities and by supporting service activities done by other groups both at school and in the community.

    ·         Pay your one-time membership dues willingly and on time.

    ·         Assume a leadership role in the chapter, whether running for office, serving as a committee chair, or otherwise volunteering for a specific responsibility at least once each year. One aspect of this leadership is to show respect for other chapters' leaders as they undertake their duties and responsibilities.

    ·         Welcome new members, whether new inductees or transfer members, to help them become an active part of the chapter as quickly as possible. Support their efforts to understand the operations of your chapter by offering explanations where needed and looking out for their best interests throughout the year. Remember: You are an ambassador for your chapter and for your school-take pride in this function.

    ·         Read and respond in a timely and appropriate manner to all e-mails or other administrative requests shared at chapter meetings and events. Adhere to deadlines.

    ·         Communicate effectively. Share ideas and information about chapter activities whenever possible. Be a strong communicator, whether in your oral or written communications, but also practice good listening skills; that is, exercise both one-way and two-way communications throughout the year.

    ·         Motivate others and yourself to get involved and remain engaged in support of all that your chapter does at school.

    ·         Be a good citizen at the local, state, national, and global levels. Support and encourage the ongoing use of democratic principles in all aspects of chapter activity. Be fair.

    ·         Remain engaged as an active member of the chapter and encourage others to be similarly engaged throughout the year. Help all students find one activity that they can become involved in to enhance their experience at school.

    ·         Be a role model for your peers in the chapter, for other students, and for those in the community. Each member represents the Honor Society and retains a responsibility to reflect the values of the organization in all that he or she does.

    ·         By becoming a strong member of your chapter, you enhance its reputation and effectiveness. An effective chapter is an asset to the school and promotes the creation of a positive school climate. A positive school climate helps all students achieve and learn, helping to achieve the goals of the principal, faculty, and the school system. A strong school builds a strong community and world. It all begins with you. Make the most of your membership in the Honor Society.