An Important Notice about Attendance 

    A Reminder that changes in the implementation of our attendance policy were made last year to align our practices with changes in the recommendations of the PA Department of Education.

    Notes or Emails Required

    A NOTE or Email from parents or guardians will now be required for ALL absences in order for absences to be excused.

    Guidelines for EXCESSIVE ABSENCES

    ·        A maximum of ten cumulative days of lawful absence for illness, as verified by a note or phone call from a parent, is permitted during one school year.

    ·        A Doctor’s Note will be required to excuse any absences after 10 days of illness excused by a parent note.

    ·        Absences beyond the 10 days due to illness without a doctor’s note, will be unlawful for students 16 and younger and unexcused for students 17 and older.

    ·        Work completed or due on days of unlawful or unexcused absence will NOT BE ELIGIBLE for credit

                NOTE:  Student have 3 days to produce a written excuse

     Guidelines for UNLAWFUL ABSENCE

    ·        When a student accumulates 3 unlawful absences, the District sends the student/parent(s), guardian, a letter notifying them that the student has accumulated 3 unlawful absences and is in violation of the compulsory attendance provision of the PA Public School Code.

    ·        The letter will ask you to call school to schedule a meeting to talk about a plan to improve attendance.

    ·        The letter will inform you that a Citation to District Court will be issued if your son or daughter has another unlawful absence from school.   All future UL absences in the school year will result in further citations being issued.

    ·        Once the District Court receives the citation, they will send a notice to the student, family, and district of a time and date to appear in court.  At that time, the Judge will hear the details surrounding the UL absences and decide how to address the issues.

    ·        The student and family may be referred to a local Truancy Prevention Program



    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jane Trimble. 


    610 889 1918 ext 22261