Crisis Intervention:  610 918 2100 
    A 24 hour service to assist when you are worried about yourself or someone you know, hurting themselves or someone else.
    COAD Group Drug & Alcohol Info and Referral Line:  
    1 866 286 3767
    All calls are private and confidential.
    Domestic Violence:  1 888 711 6270
    A 24 hour service to help in matters of domestic violence.
    Crime Victims:  610 692 1926
    Crime Victims offers support to anyone who has been the victim of a crime.
    Child Line:  1 800 932 0313
    This is the phone number that you call to report any suspected child abuse.
    Alcoholics Anonymous:  215 923 7900
    A resource for information about AA meetings in our area and beyond.
    Alanon/Alateen:  610 696 4216
    This number provides information about Alanon and Alateen meetings, which are for people struggling with alcohol use/abuse by someone they love.