• Science Courses
    Biology - 9th Grade
    All 9th graders at Great Valley are enrolled in Biology. Courses emphasize the study of cell and molecular biology, evolution and diversity, and ecology.
    Chemistry - 10th Grade
    All tenth grade students are enrolled in Chemistry. Courses emphasize quantitative analysis and an understanding of the interactions of matter.
    Physics - 11th Grade
    Great Valley juniors typically are enrolled in Physics. Students use applied mathematics to study the laws of motion, mechanics, and engineering.
    AP Courses
    All Great Valley students are encouraged to challenge themselves by taking at least one Advanced Placement course during their high school careers. The science department offers five AP courses: AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, AP Chemistry, AP Physics 1 (Mechanics) and AP Physics 2 (Electricity and Magnetism.) These courses will prepare students for the rigors of college study and by passing the AP Exams in May, students can earn college credit.
    Science Electives
    The elective courses offered by the science department are intended to offer students with an opportunity to enrich their understanding of a variety of topics. Some are continuations of previous courses (Biology 2 , Chemistry 2 and Physics 2), while others delve into topics that are more specifically related to a particular area of study from the student's high school curriculum (Ecology and Physics of Sports and Hobbies.) 
    Program of Studies- Please use the following link to access the Program of Studies where additional information can be obtained.