Support Services

  • One of our roles as school counselors is to identify and remove barriers that interfere with learning. Some of the issues that can impact student success include: learning differences, depression, anxiety, grief, substance abuse, family problems and illness. In addition to the support offered through the GVHS Counseling Office, students may receive support through the high school STAR team, academic assistance room and student services. School counselors help identify issues and link students to the appropriate resources so they can get the help they need.

    STAR team – STAR (Students at Risk) is a group of trained adults including teachers, a counselor, social workers, school nurse, and an administrator, as well as a drug and alcohol and mental health professional from a community agency. The team offers an assessment and support to students struggling with substance abuse and addiction. Treatment is not offered through the school. Referrals are confidential and involvement with the STAR team is voluntary provided the student has not violated the district's drug and alcohol policies. The team receives referrals through students, parents and school staff.

    Student Services – For students coping with ongoing or short-term problems that require a level of support that cannot be provided through the Counseling Office, students may be referred to one of the high school's social workers. Counselors can help determine what level of support is indicated.

    For additional information on these support services, to inquire about others, or to receive help determining whether a problem exists, please contact your counselor.