College Admissions Testing

    • GVHS school code: 392363
    • Look out for emails sent twice a year with practice SAT and ACT exam information.
    • Fee Waiver: Students who receive free or reduced lunch can request fee waivers for SAT and ACT exams by contacting their counselor.
    • Test scores are NOT included on student transcripts. Scores must be sent directly from SAT or ACT  when required by colleges.


    Practice Exams VIRTUAL (Kaplan at GVHS)

    • Revolution/GVHS-PO- Virtual Practice ACT or SAT: Sept 10, 2022 & Feb 4, 2023 (8am-12:30pm)



    • Given one time per year October 12, 2022 during school (7:40am-11:45am).
    • Sophomores and Juniors will automatically be registered for the test.
    • Measures verbal, math and writing skills and is scored on a 20-80 scale. 
    • Juniors whose PSAT/NMSQT score is approximately in the top 50,000 nationally will qualify for recognition in the National Merit Scholarship program.



    • SAT 2022-2023 TEST DATES
    • Recommended Schedule: Spring of Junior Year and/or Fall of Senior Year
    • Coordinator: Meridith Bebee
    • Measures verbal and mathematical reasoning skills 
    • Registration: Students must register directly through
    • The test is offered four times during the year at GVHS.
    • SENDING SAT SCORES: SAT scores are only sent to the high school if the student writes the GVHS code 392363 when registering to take the test.
    • Students can register to take the test at another school but should remember to put the GVHS code on their registration form so that the scores will be sent to us. 
    • GVHS school code is 392363.
    • Dates given at GVHS: Oct 1, 2022; March 11, 2023 ; June 3, 2023 (7:30am-2pm) 



    • Students with an IEP or 504 who receive extended time or other testing accommodations are eligible to receive the same accommodations for the PSAT & SAT.
    • Students should contact Renee Kilpatrick ( to complete the eligibility forms prior to registering for any testing.
    • Students who have completed their eligibility forms must remember to register for the necessary accommodations.
    • Eligibility forms must be submitted by deadline.

    Contact Information:
    SAT Program…609-771-7600
    Telephone registration…800-SAT-SCORE
    Students with disabilities…609-771-7137


    AP Exams (Advanced Placement)

    • AP Exam dates: May 1-12, 2023 (M-F) during the school day. 
    • Watch for AP Exam registration materials toward mid September
    • Coordinator: Meridith Bebee
    • Students who are enrolled in an AP course at GVHS are expected to take the exam. 
    • Students who are not enrolled in AP courses are permitted to take the exam as well.
    • Although AP exam scores do not impact students' grades or GPA at GVHS, students can earn college credit at many colleges and universities with a strong score on the exam. Each college establishes their own AP policy and determines which exams and scores they will accept for credit.
    • Students enrolled in AP courses will be notified as to registration procedures from their AP teachers.   
    • Students MUST register in the high school counseling office by the registration deadline date noted on the registration materials they receive.
    • More information about AP courses and exams can be found on the Collegeboard's website at



    • ACT 2022-2023 TEST DATES
    • Coordinator: Carrie Kane
    • Measures college and career readiness skills in English, math, reading, and science.
    • Administered several times throughout the year (twice at GVHS) and approximately three hours in duration.
    • Optional writing test (most colleges require).  The test is  ACT
    • SENDING ACT SCORES: ACT scores are only sent to the high school if the student enters the GVHS school code when registering to take the test.
    • Registration: STUDENTS register on
    • Students can register to take the test at another school but should remember to put the GVHS code on their registration form so that the scores will be sent to us.
    • Dates given at GVHS: Sept 10, 2022 ; Apr 15, 2023 (7:30am-2pm)