• Procedures for Learning Through the Community

    1.  Complete the  required forms (linked at the bottom of this page.)
    2.  Return the completed forms to High School Counseling Office.
    3.  Ms. Blake and Mr. Flick will approve the service project and, if approved, a teacher mentor will be assigned to work with the student.
    4.  The student will be notified of the approval and will be given the name of the teacher mentor.  The student should contact the teacher mentor as soon as possible to review requirements of the project.
    5.  Student will begin the service learning project, completing the "Time Verification Sheet" as the volunteering progresses.
    6.  The student should stay in touch with the teacher mentor throughout the volunteer project.  At a minimum, the students should schedule time with the teacher mentor approximately two weeks before the end of every marking period to review progress toward credit.  (Reminder:  .25 credit is awarded on the student transcript for every 30 hours of volunteer work, along with the required journal and completed project.)
    7.  Once the service learning hours and journal are complete, the student will complete a summative project and will review it with the teacher mentor.  The teacher mentor will report completed service projects to Leslie Gamma in the Counseling Office who will record the credits on the student transcript.

    Please note, all paperwork must be submitted and approved before a student is assigned a teacher mentor. Without a mentor, the student cannot receive transcript credit for his/her volunteer hours.
    Required Forms: