• Technology Education 




    New and Exciting Technology around the World

      Mr. Timothy Leary
    Preferred method of contact: tleary@gvsd.org     
    What we do in Technology Education
     6th Grade- 9 Weeks
    Energy/Electricity/Research- 4 weeks
    Renewable Energy/Solar Cars- 2 weeks
      Space Exploration/Egg Drop- 3 weeks
    7th Grade- 9 Weeks
    Rocketry- 2+ weeks
     GPS/Geocaching- 2+ weeks
    Technical Drafting- 4 weeks
    8th Grade- 9 Weeks
    Structural Engineering/ House of Cards- 4 weeks
    Electrical Engineering/Flashlights- 2 weeks
    Engineering Practices/ 3-D CAD- 3 weeks

    ****   We use Canvas and Moodle in our classes to convey all information and take quizzes. ****


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    Link to Moodle 


    If you are a parent and would like to access all of the resources that your student has access to, logon to the Canvas or Moodle site using your student's logon information.
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