Public Participation at Board Meetings

  • The Great Valley School Board welcomes community interest and involvement in the board meetings. In order to allow for public comment by residents of the district at all meetings of the board, the following procedures will be followed:

    The purpose of the board work session is to review items to be placed on the agenda for the upcoming business meeting and also to discuss other appropriate items. These other items may be issues for continued discussion or “information only” items. Public participation will follow the work session so that the audience will have the benefit of hearing the board's discussion. After the work session, comments will be taken for any items on the work session agenda. After those comments are heard, the board will entertain comments from the public on any other items that are not on the agenda.
    The purpose of the board Business Meeting is to take official action on items coming before the board. The agenda content, voting and procedures of the meeting are governed by the PA School Code and may appear to be rather formal. Public comment on agenda items will be heard at the beginning of the meeting, prior to board action. At the conclusion of the Business Meeting, public comment will again be heard on any other items that are not on the agenda.

    It is requested that anyone addressing the board stands and states their name, address, and the issue to be addressed. Note that the public comment portion of the agenda is not designed to be a question and answer period. All questions will be received by the Superintendent and the board.  If appropriate, a report/update of questions recorded during a meeting will be shared at next month's board meeting.
    As a courtesy to the board, prepared statements that will be read to the board should be presented in written form to the board president. In an effort to allow for all to be heard, comments will be limited to three (3) minutes per individual. (NOTE: minutes are not transferable to others.)

    The board president will determine and regulate the total length of the public comment portion of the meeting.